One Stop Career Center

学生 in One Stop Center at Waynesboro的 Site using computers.

WorkSource Georgia Offices and One-Stop Career Centers provide access to a system of employment/training opportunities and education services for the 奥古斯塔 Technical College service area (Burke, 哥伦比亚, 林肯, 麦克达菲, 里士满).  Each is also a common place to find out about social and community programs.  A One-Stop Career Center is conveniently located at the 奥古斯塔 Technical College 奥古斯塔 Campus (600 Building) and the 伯克的网站 to assist you with managing your future.


The types of services offered include:教师/staff member of One Stop helping a student who is using a computer.

  • Internet job search assistance
  • Online application assistance
  • Resume preparation services
  • Appropriate agency referrals
  • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) services
  • Fax, copier, or phone use




For more information, contact:

Shannon Alexander
One-Stop Coordinator, Burke County Career Centers
(706) 437-6827

One Stop Coordinator, 奥古斯塔 Technical College
(706) 771-4081 or (706) 771-4822